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TMS provides new ticket sales opportunities for venues and arenas

Each night arenas and venues host thousands of events nationwide.  From sports to theater to rock or family shows, each event has a unique fan base with specific sensitivites.  TMS identifies these idiosynchrasies and develops an actionable plan to leverage them and maximize revenue.

For instance, some events warrant expanding the venue’s capacity at certain price points to properly meet demand:

  • TMS helps venues find an equilibrium price for their platinum inventory such as premium seats, suites and luxury boxes
  • When the market for lower priced admission is undersupplied, TMS helps sell Standing Room Only, Tables or Barstool seating at real-time dynamic prices

A larger number of fans only search for tickets on the secondary market when an event is perceived to be sold out.  It is important that these secondary market channels are properly supplied with your inventory.  TMS works closely with your sales team to make sure that it is.

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The secondary ticket market is $15 billion and growing.  TMS’s unique platform provides clients access to this powerful source of incremental revenue.

TMS_logo_tiny3Why TMS Works

Secondary ticket marketplaces spend millions each year to capture business from your patrons and fans. The demand for tickets on these marketplaces is significant and growing exponentially.

TMS_logo_tiny3How TMS Works

We partner with over 500 secondary marketplaces to ensure that our clients receive the maximum value for their tickets based on custom strategies and prevailing market rates.

TMS_logo_tiny3Client Benefits

  • Incremental ticket sales
  • Increased ancillary revenue
  • Access to valuable market data
  • Improved brand awareness

We make your tickets available for sale everywhere!

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